‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Spoilers Coming to MTV Movie Awards 2012?

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Will some new “The Dark Knight Rises” spoilers be coming to the MTV Movie Awards 2012 show? It appears possible as it’s been announced that some exclusive new footage will air during the annual awards show this summer.

The Dark Knight Rises: The Official NovelizationJust recently, new Batman and Catwoman TV spots were revealed online via YouTube video clips. These have added to the speculation as to what will help in the latest film’s plot. For now, all that’s known is it will involve Bane trying to destroy and take over Gotham, Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) trying to rise up to fight evil, and Anne Hathaway looking super sexy as Catwoman!

Now, MTV.com has revealed that three of the film’s biggest stars will be on hand for their awards show along with the movie’s director, Christopher Nolan, to present new footage. “Dark Knight Rises” stars Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Jeff Blake), and Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon) will all be on stage. Along with their appearance will be some exclusive footage from the final Batman movie (from Nolan), in an attempt to woo more movie goers. As if they need to entice people any more, right?

MTV notes in their report:

“If you’ve been following the news surrounding Nolan’s third and very likely final Batman film, you know that plot details have been kept under lock and key, so any chance to see anything new from the film ahead of its July 20 release is definitely cause for celebration.”

This footage could tell us something more about what’s going on in Gotham City with Bane, Batman, and Catwoman. Then again, it could just be a 3- to 5-minute action clip that reveals very little in terms of the plot. However, it should only add to the hype even more as fans prepare for the July release of one of Summer 2012’s biggest movies. Smart move by MTV, and the people behind the new Batman movie.

The new footage from “The Dark Knight Rises” (with or without spoilers) will air on Sunday, June 3rd during the MTV Movie Awards show.

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