The Decorah Eagle Cam: Sibling Rivalry Day 8 (Video)

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Yesterday, the Decorah Eagle cam showed live bald eagle footage of bird sibling rivalry at its best. Food is plentiful, but the fight for it is just as intense among eaglets.

Who said bird watching is not fun. It’s not glamorous as watching “Glee,” “American Idol,” or tuning in to “Dancing with the Stars,” but who needs it when Ustream.TV Live offers something, perhaps more therapeutic — the Decorah Bald Eagles of Iowa?

Once you get a glimpse of the famous pair of raptor parents, immediately a fascination follows, and before you know it, you’re hooked!

Eagle Manor is teaming with daily activity as the parents take part in shift work to get the job done of feeding and caring for their brood. Thanks to the Decorah Eagle Cam, up close images would not be possible.

It’s just like in the world of humans; there are chores to do and daily housekeeping to accomplish in the nest.

And just like in the cognitive world of home sapiens, there is fierce sibling rivalry among the bald eagles.

As mom and pop bring in helpings of fish, rabbit, birds, and an occasional squirrel, E1, the dominant of the three and first born, jockey’s for position to get his fill.

If any of his siblings try to encroach, he gives them a nip on the neck. The rivalry simply means there is a pecking order even among Decorah Bald Eagles and other raptors.

Thankfully, the birds live in a land of plenty; the patriarch of the family built the nest directly above a fish hatchery. Dad, you rock!

Tune in to the Decorah Eagle cam daily to get away from the antics of Charlie Sheen, the government shutdown debacle, and recurring news of rising gas prices. There’s always something in the nest to relieve one’s stress.

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Photo credit: Wikimedia

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