The Drama Revovling

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The Drama Around A Miracle

A newborn crawls into the neighborhood,
we step on the grass.
On the family’s green lawn.
Greet the couple by flying a fistful of humming birds.

The varied reportages
dissect the baby’s appearances.
There are three evanescing old men
who leave some Chinese-puzzle
for the child to solve.
When offered
they decline the refreshments
as they have to travel so many places
at a time
and visit all the miracles.
It is from them we know
these days every child is born
out of some miracles.

Have you ever smelled
the regurgitated milk?
A newborn can make it smell
like a monsoon.
Stale and fresh at the same time.

We step on the family’s grass;
the grass has grown greener.

© copyrights are reserved by Kushal Poddar 2010

Another One Added
The baby has a piquant face,
in the way of the winter-borns,
magically dark skinned
unlike its parents.

The father opens his cellar
to celebrate.
The guests do not utter a word
except those of praises.

They are true too.

The words are always premature.
The guests raise a toast.
To the child
who will always be
a formless, genderless, conceptual mirror
in which we shall see
what we want to till it
no longer remains a child.

They are true.

The father walks out with a child
on the porch
where a comet is passing
or a shadow
or both.
We argue about
the pre-birth state of mind.
An army of red ants carry
their eggs upwards.
Where do they go?

Only thing is sure,
the climate is changing?

© copyrights are reserved by Kushal Poddar 2010

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