The Duggar Family Shares Photo of Miscarried Child

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The Duggar family of 19 Kids & Counting fame took pictures of their baby miscarried by mom Michelle Duggar last week. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar handed out photos of their daughter’s fetal corpse during the memorial service they held on Wednesday for her—their 20th child. The service took place at the Duggar’s church in Arkansas.

According to a report from TMZ, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar named the little girl, who was due in April, Jubilee Shalom. At the memorial service on Wednesday, they distributed a photo of Jubilee—her tiny hands and feet on her mother’s hand. Some people will likely find the photo a bit disturbing.

The photo of little Jubilee Duggar was accompanied by the following phrase: “There is no foot too small thJim Bob & Michelle Duggarat it cannot leave an imprint on this world.”

The Duggar family has come under great scrutiny because of the number of children they have. Strong believers that God decides how many children they should have, some feel they received a very strong sign when their 19th child, Josie, was born 4 months premature. Josie, now 2 years old, still has some health conditions and has had several close calls in her young life. Yet Jim Bob and Michelle went on to have another child.

Do you think the Duggar family will now be content with 19 children? Michelle Duggar is possibly even taking her life in her hands if she becomes pregnant again.

And what’s your take on the picture of the Duggar’s deceased daughter’s photo being distributed at the memorial service? Does it strike you as being a bit macabre of the Duggar family to have shared this photo with others?

You can see the photo of Jubilee Shalom Duggar—miscarried in her 5th month of gestation—here.

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