The Duggars: Quality Parenting Time Resembles Speed Dating?!

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For the Duggars, spending quality time with all 19 (or at least the 18) kids at home must be a real chore. How do you schedule in any quality 1-on-1 time so that none of the children feel left out. Clearly this wasn’t exactly on the forefront of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s mind when they started over-populating the earth.

So, the Duggar family has an attention problem. That attention problem is that there are too many Duggars and not enough hours in the day. Of course, Jim Bob and Michelle explain this issue away by saying they homeschool. Talk about giving homeschool parents a bad rap.

“I think we probably spend more time together than the average family that may have two or three children because we’re home day in and day out,” explains Michelle Duggar. Still that doesn’t exactly solve the issue of 1-on-1 time. These kids are of all ages, which means of all grade levels. From the sound of things, there are many times when the Duggar kids are out on their own.

“[When we spend individual time with the kids], we make it quality quick,” says Michelle Duggar. What? The speed date with the kids? It sure sounds like quick hitting conversations with no depth. What exactly do the Duggars talk about in these “quality quick” moments?

“What’s going on in your life? Is there anything that you want to tell Mom? Is there anything on your heart that you want me to pray for you about? Is there any secret that you haven’t shared with Mom and Dad that you really want to share with us? And are there any temptations or struggles that you’ve had that you want to share with Mom and Dad so that we can pray with you about those things?”

What? Really? What if a child says “What is in my mind and in my heart is I don’t get enough quality time with my parents, alone, without the other 17 (18) kids cramping my lifestyle. This five-minute confessional every 3 days isn’t cutting it, mom!”? What then?

Unfortunately Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar chose to bring these children into this world. They have also chosen for their children a life of not being nurtured by their own parents. The Duggars have hamstrung their kids into having to scratch and claw for five minutes of “quality quick” sessions. How is this even healthy?

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