The ‘Dukan Diet’ Is Latest Fat Loss Craze

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The Dukan Diet is the latest diet craze from the French. It may be the secret behind Kate Middleton’s weight loss. Dr. Pierre Dukan wrote the book called, The Dukan Diet, and he sent a signed copy to Carole Middleon who is the mother of Kate Middleton.

Others of fame who are supposed to use the book are Jennifer Lopez and Gisele Bündchen. The subtitle for the book is The Real Reason the French Stay Thin. The new diet is similar to that of Atkins but dieters do not have to calculate carbohydrates, so it is easier.

The diet begins in the first 10 days where the dieter eats as much lean protein as they want but nothing else. In addition, they drink 1.5 liters of water, eat 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran, and walk 20 minutes daily.

Then the dieter adds non-starchy vegetables every second day and eventually adds other vegetables such as potatoes, and corn. The diet continues through a series of phases until the dieter reaches the final stage. In that stage, he or she is at their desired weight and remains there through an easy regimen of eating what they want except on one day a week. Dukan chose Thursday to be the one day a week where the dieter eats only lean meats.

The world of dieting is dangerous, and people should be wary of any diet that does not address the cause of weight gain. As for the French diet, the French may not be as fat as Americans, but Americans live better. Caution should be first before starting an extreme diet. Good sense is the key, and maybe some version of The Dukan Diet might be a good idea.

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