The Economy — Not the President — Is Tanking the Market

Claims Obama is tanking the markets are partisan hyperbole, and it is obvious if you look at the figures on the economy. That doesn’t keep the right from propagandizing that it’s Obama tanking it though, of course. Anyone that believes in the liberal media hasn’t been paying attention. All you see is Obama this, Obama that, but in truth, the economic news continues to be abysmal, and it wouldn’t matter who was warming Obama’s seat, when the economy is itself abysmal. This slide didn’t start with Obama, but hopefully, it will end with him. As Warren Buffet said on CNN the other day, “The nation’s leaders need to clear up the confusion before anyone will become more confident, and he said all 535 members of Congress should stop the partisan bickering about solutions.” Finally someone says it like it is. As for Obama causing this slide, I suggest you read this Article, and take a look at what’s really driving the tobogan down the hill.

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