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Version 1-Pauls 5th annual Dirty Enduro -September 2000

For the past 5 years the Rush family has organized a bike race through the Ganaraska forest. After the various races the hungry and very tired cyclists are treated to a bountiful feast as provided and served by volunteers provided by The Canadian Mental Health Association. The event started in 1995 after Paul Rush took his life. An avid cyclist, Paul was riding in races all over Ontario, so after his death his family started the Dirty Enduro as a fund raiser for Suicide prevention programs. CMHA Peterborough benefited from the proceeds of this event and used the funds in the Mental Health promotion program. The Rushes and other organizers are really gung ho about this and are glad that their sons death will not go in vain. Paul would be very proud.

Version 2

Finally the weekend has arrived for Pauls Dirty Enduro. I have my event staff t-shirt on and am ready to serve up chili and various salads. We are volunteers at this annual event. It is alot of work to organize but we have things under control to serve the throng of bikers after their races. We arrived last night to the Conservation area. Things were going smoothly at bedtime. My ten year old is along for the ride and had just gotten settled in when one of the girls got mad because some one else in the dorm was keeping her awake. So in the middle of the night Lisa (pissed off participant) took off into the forest to go for a walk. The woman in question suffers from a mental illness as most of the volunteers do, but she also is developmentally delayed and is a difficult person too deal with. She didn’t consider the consequences of her actions and a search party was formed to go look for her. Needless to say by the time they tracked her down, people were just as perturbed at Lisa as she had been in the first place. That was strike one.  Strike two occurred when she kept taking off for smoke breaks when she was supposed to be serving. For the most part the day went well and the riders were happy with the spread and sang our praises. When we were packing up and ready to go home Harrison and Lane started a tomato fight in which once again Lisa got involved in. At one point she threw a tomato at our Executive Director and hit him in the face. His reaction was priceless and calmly said. “Lisa what do you think you’re doing?”  This of course was strike three. Mark, the E.D. strongly suggested we not include her next year. We had fun that weekend and went home tired and proud for doing a great job.

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