The Ettiquette of Fame

Ringo Starr has given you a deadline. Starting October 20th he's going to throw out all his fanmail. Remember when Russell Crowe threw the phone at photographers? When the hellicopter posse paid for by California tax payers followed  Britney and Co. to the hospital? The Alec Baldwin voicemail? Halle Berry demanding that photos of her daughter be removed from the Internet because she had not chosen the public eye?

Celebrities would be nothing without us. They pose and sing and play pretend and they get paid obnoxious amounts of money to do it. I was annoyed when Ringo announced he wouldn't take any more mail. No, I wasn't going to write him or ask him to sign anything, but that kind of thing means something to some people.

Is there a certain something celebrities owe their fans? Is it anything more than a good performance? Where do we draw the line?

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