The Fat Lady’s Not Singing Yet

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The Fat Lady’s Not Singing Yet

it’s so easy to lose

our curiosity in life

as daylight wanes and day’s end nears

we’re prone to entertain

a sense of pointlessness -

feel “its all over for me” as sunset looms

but there is so much more out there

for you and me to see –  set free,

we can find and feel and fill our hearts

with love and longing – prescient lust

for things and ones we love

we’ll live and breathe – we’ll not be dust

‘til we have breathed our final breath

no victory dance for He named Death

‘til spewed each seed we’ve kept in store

and when we’ve lived ‘til there’s no more

then worms can wine and dine and have their fill

on what little we leave behind

our life is now – not what awaits

we’ll not knock now on Pearly Gates

we must love it all – this life we own

drink to the dregs of all we’ve known

enthuse – enthrall – embrace it all

til when we leave here, walking tall

we’ll clear our plate and lick it clean

eyes open wide

to our last moment seen


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