The FBI Blackmailed My Father

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As I mentioned in my post about the IRS, not only did the IRS steal everything from my father and now 21 years later admit that he is cleared of all charges and wrongdoing, but during the middle of all of that, the FBI approached my father to wear a wire to set up someone my father believed was innocent of what the FBI was accusing them of.

My father refused to cooperate at first but then the FBI told him they would go after our family individually and set us up if my father didn't help set this other man up.  If it had just been my father involved, he would never have gone along with them.  But you have to understand that what the IRS did to my family was overwhelming and my mother was completely devastated.  Not only was everything taken from them but the people they called friends for 20 years who they had socialized with and vacationed with and been close to all betrayed my family.  They accused my father of all sorts of evil and my parents' lives were splashed all over the newspapers for over a year.

My father thought that anything more might kill my mother, so he cooperated.  The thing that is so infuriating about this is that the FBI is supposed to uphold and enforce the law and here they are breaking it and blackmailing innocent people to set up other innocent people.

What has this country come to?  How are we supposed to trust our own government if they are setting up its citizens because they have become wealthy?  My father earned what he had built.  He worked six, sometimes seven days a week for years to build the company he owned.  That's supposed to be the American dream to build a company or land or whatever and live independently.  Why then are our own government officials and law enforcement breaking the law to shut down Americans who have achieved that dream?

It's time for change!  It's time to hold accountable all law enforcement and government agencies.  That includes people in social services who've been breaking our laws to give welfare and food stamps to illegal immigrants and not to our own citizens.  It's time for things to change and I have decided that I'm going to start organizing citizens around this country to elect officials on the local, county, state and federal level who will obey our laws and enforce them instead of giving in to these disgusting special interest groups who don't really care about anyone but themselves and their causes.

It's time for change!  And, no, I don't believe Obama is the one to do it.  I think he's as much a part of the problem as anyone else in Washington.

I guess that's all I have to say for now.  I just hope you will do your part to hold accountable the people who run our government.

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