The Federal Government Steals From You Everyday!

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The U.S. Treasury is stealing money from you every single day, even if you are retired and don’t pay taxes. How? The Federal Government is continually creating new money out of thin air through the Federal Reserve and distributing it to international bankers. This rampant money creation and distribution that attempts to run ahead of a growing financial tsunami erodes the value of the dollar. All of this continues as the vast majority in America hedge their entire financial future on the U.S. dollar.

Because of monetary abuse, the dollar is devalued and prices continue to rise, which gives the appearance of inflation. What you buy isn’t worth more money, your money is worth less. The U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve have a permit to steal directly from your pocketbook without breaking into your bank account or home.History has clearly demonstrated that every nation that goes down the path of printing or coining more fiat currency to meet obligations eventually ends up in a runaway hyperinflation scenario followed by economic collapse. The USA is simply the latest and greatest player.

Where is all of this going to go? Ultimately, the Federal Government and its lawmakers are going to steal everything you own as the nation heads for financial destruction.

You’ve heard of all the hype trying to get you to unload all your gold and silver for dollars. The time will come when gold and silver monies will not be legal. The Feds may choose to confiscate gold and precious metals from the populace. They may even offer to pay you for it with worthless fiat money.

Tight government money will ultimately result in restrictions to your monetary freedom. Some day soon, powers that be will take over private retirement accounts for your protection. They will use this credit to sustain themselves until they burn through your resources.

Your personal bank accounts will be subject to the same authority. As institutions totter your bank accounts will restricted and controlled. The Federal Government can use executive orders or Congressional action to limit withdrawals, transfers and wire transfers. You may loose free access to your money because that money may already be spent. How bad are things? Recently, Vice President Joe Biden railed against ‘Tea Party’ as ‘terrorists’ because of their demand that the U.S. budget be balanced.  As you may or may not know, any ‘terrorist’ is subject to be prosecuted under the Patriot Act. In this day, demanding financial sanity may well become an act of terrorism so that lawmakers can continue operating in their legalized looting of the dollar, and the national blood and sweat of the American people. Terrorism laws are evolving into weapons to be used against political enemies that express ideas that oppose the status quo. Scary stuff when all you want to do is to keep thieves away from your life. The problem is that you have already lost because of monetary policy and the erosion of your ‘human rights.’

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