The Fight

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The Fight


Inspiration comes from within my soul.

A curtain call came swirling through clouds,

Forcing the last breath to let go and sink inside

My emotions, there is the wilderness of the land

Astonish beginnings end up with a hand on the trigger

We’re the bleeding orphans left behind the circle of sorrow

Tearful roads sending the brave inside

The twilight of blue lights,  

Placing my hands underneath the illusion of salivate  

Sleep through the storm; you’ll miss the moon,

Fear always tremble inside a lifeless road,

Setting the stage for Lock and load, swift words cutting

Through clouds of rendition.

Melodies bringing down the walls created by the trail

Of breaking down dolls, a silent whisper

Blanked the sun, bursting brightly through waves

Of the sound of a violin.

The clarity of a prophecy sitting beneath the words of wisdom

Vanishing in the air the creed of a holocaust.

A burning torched fueling the hatred of an image,

Pasted on The side of a window of Jericho,

There is the rainbow clashing between the line of

A hidden kingdom, forcing the smile of the forgotten

Lying across the fertile land of a new world.

The wheels are turning and the whirlwind autumn sails

Across the stars, seeking one last breath of glory.



Rony Joseph all rights reserved 2010


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