‘The Finder': Season 1, Episode 7 ‘Eye of the Storm’ Recap

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The Finder opens with Willa’s probation officer (Amy Aquino) comes for a home visit and is less than impressed with Willa, but leaves her trailer without too much fuss because Hurricane Catherine is about to hit and she wants to get home before that happens.

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Walter is looking forward to Catherine because he is planning on locking himself in with Isabel and hurricane themed drinks. Unfortunately, that plan is wrecked by the actual hurricane, forcing Isabel to stop before getting home. It also strands the probation officer (or the mean lady as Walter refers to her). She and Willa are thrilled.

As they watch the news, a report comes on about a missing teen, Melissa Welling (Juliette Goglia), who disappeared on her way home from school. According to the report, they believe that she was on a bridge when a storm surge wiped out the bridge.

Leo tells Walter to stop, but Walter tells him that it’s too late; he’s on the hunt. He tries to leave to get started, but Catherine is not so interested in letting him leave. After trying and failing to leave, he calls Isabel and asks her to be his legs (and arms and eyes and ears and you get the idea).

Walter builds a diorama complete with a spaghetti bridge (it’s all very Hung and his smurf village) and takes it out with a storm surge via the sink hose. This convinces him that she never went home and was therefore not on the bridge, forget the backpack. Mean lady thinks Walter is crazy but is slowly drawn into the search anyway, not even making much of a fuss over the fact that Willa essentially and then actually uses a computer in violation of the terms of her probation.

Isabel is at the school and talks to Mrs. Welling. The one piece of information she can give Isabel is that Melissa took $300 from her purse. Using a TV version of Facebook, Walter comes to think that Melissa was kidnapped after they see photos of her talking to someone in a plumber’s van. After Isabel talks to the plumber (who answers emergency calls during a hurricane!), she realizes that the plumber didn’t do anything to Melissa except sell her a gun.

After the End of the Earth gang (including Timo who is driven into the bar after the trailer is knocked over) search print outs of the FauxFB pages, they realize that Melissa did have an enemy, a girl named Renee. Willa finds a video that someone posted of Renee beating the stuffing out of Melissa. She beats her down and then kicks her mercilessly as Melissa cries helplessly on the ground. No one helps. It’s pretty obvious why she would have thought she needed a gun.

Mean Lady isn’t quite so mean. She tells the gang about why she became a probation officer. She made some very bad choices as a teen and beat her ex-boyfriend while he slept. She recognizes Renee and is just about to look up her last known address in agency files when the power goes out. Walter uses the gang as the human Internet, and everyone tries to remember as much as they can about the video. Leo noticed that there were Yum Yum burger wrappers everywhere (he used to be fat and he lurved Yum Yum burgers), while the others recall the church bells. After talking it out, they realize that they are pretty sure they know where the beat down took place.

Walter and Leo go out to to Walter’s bicycle operated generator, and he radios Isabel and tells her what he knows. After doing his Walter thing, he realizes that Melissa was at heart a good girl, and he gives Isabel directions to where he thinks Melissa might be. Of course, he’s right. Melissa accidentally (on purpose?) shot Renee and then got her in the car and tried to take her to the hospital, but an electric pole fell on the car. Walter shows up, and he and Isabel get the girls out.

Mean Lady tells Willa that she’ll see about getting the computer restriction lifted. Willa tells her that she’s sorry that bad things happened to her. Mean Lady tells her that Willa can turn her life around but she has to be careful of the choices she makes. The show’s definitely getting better at weaving Willa into the storyline.

Melissa shows up with her mom to thank Walter and Isabel for finding her. Leo makes it clear that he is willing to represent Melissa in her criminal trial. Walter, via Leo, waives his finder fee.

That’s it for The Finder for a bit as tonight’s episode was its winter finale. Hope you’ve enjoyed the show so far. There’s no word yet on if or when the show is coming back.

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