‘The Firm’ Canceled By NBC?

It looks like The Firm getting canceled is a matter of when it happens rather than if it will happen. The show didn’t do well on Thursday nights and now it is failing to turn in good ratings on Saturday nights as well. That could leave NBC with no choice but to cancel the show before it reaches a second season.

The show is doing so badly on Saturdays, that the next episode is getting bumped so that the network can try running a repeats episode of Fashion Star. Fashion Star is a new show on NBC that premieres on Tuesday, March 13, and apparently the network wants to see if it can pick up a few more viewers over the weekend.

It really does look like The Firm is on its last legs and that the Josh Lucas driven show isn’t going to succeed in getting renewed. The ratings for the last episode came in at an estimated 3.5 million viewers and a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic. Those key demographic numbers are pretty bad, showing that even the viewers that the show is geared towards have tuned out.

To its credit though, the March 10 numbers were higher than March 3, when the show pulled in just 2.2 million viewers and finished fourth out of the four major networks in its time slot.

Will you be sad if The Firm gets canceled by NBC? Is there any way that the network can improve the ratings to keep the show from getting canceled?

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