‘The Following’ Season 1 Episode 13 ‘Havenport’ Preview: Mike Weston Versus Roderick

Things are about to get even rougher for Roderick, who hasn’t been having it quite so easy since Joe joined the followers at the “house of psychos,” as The Following season 1 episode 13, “Havenport,” is going to see him make a big decision that changes things.

"Havenport" Photo: Giovanni Rufino/FOXAt the end of “The Curse,” Ryan was introduced to a local sheriff who was offering up his help—Roderick—and in “Havenport,” Roderick’s role as sheriff will be called into question. That leads to him making a shocking move that threatens Joey’s safety. Meanwhile, Ryan takes matters into his own hands and goes against the FBI to hopefully gain the trust of one of the followers.

The “Havenport” promo shows Joe and his followers watching Ryan addressing the media as they continue looking for them. Things are getting desperate for the cult, and you may not have thought it possible, but things will be getting even worse between Roderick and Joe. Then Roderick takes Joey, his “insurance policy.” Will Roderick get the deal he wants? And just how close are Claire and Joe going to get in this episode?

Meanwhile, the first The Following episode 113 sneak peek is all about Mike Weston and Roderick. With Weston back at work and Roderick’s department working with the FBI, it was just a matter of time before the two crossed paths. Weston did get a good look at him after all. But Roderick’s smart and is able to escape, and as the promo shows, he gets quite the head start to put a plan into motion.

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Photo: Giovanni Rufino/FOX

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