The Galactic Alignment Does Not Mean a 2012 Apocalypse: It Happens Every Year

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On the very edge of the clock turning over to December 21st, people are concerned about the galactic alignment and the effect that it will have on the planet. But what most people aren’t aware of, particularly if they get their news from the conspiracy theory websites that make up the bulk of the content about 2012 on the internet, is that this alignment actually happens every year.

Astronomer Andrew Fraknoi says that the so-called alignment is an annual event and just because it will happen again in 2012 does not spell disaster for Earth. “Late December, is the time that every year the center of the Milky Way galaxy is behind the sun, so the Earth, the Sun and the center of the Milky Way galaxy kinda, sorta line up in late December every year,” he said.

Even if there was some kind of galactic alignment that was extremely rare, it wouldn’t have much of an effect on the planet anyway, because the distance between the Earth and other planetary bodies is far too vast to actually have an effect on the blue planet. “The notion that something at the center of the galaxy could cause doomsday on Earth … is a complete misunderstanding of how truly astronomical the distances are between us and the center of the Milky Way,” Don Yeomans, a Senior JPL researcher, said.

However, those that have spent the last few years building underground bunkers, or are stocked up on guns, ammo, water, and food until approximately the year 2100 are probably not going to believe Yeomans and Fraknoi. After all, they are only scientists, and they are probably just covering up the truth for the government. The more pressing issue is likely to be how much tinfoil is required on the hat to keep the government from reading their mind and finding out where their secret underground bunker is located.

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