‘The Glades’ Returns for a New Season with ‘Family Matters’

The Glades is back on A&E and if you’ve never seen this quirky detective series, now is the time to start. Like many of the shows that première in the summer, The Glades is a lighter procedural series, but not light enough to be called a ‘cozy.’

Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore) is a big city cop who moved to the Florida Everglades when he got into a little trouble back home. Even after a season, he’s not fully acquainted with the ways of the area, which includes Cuban mobsters and alligators.

tvIn the season opener, “Family Matters,” Jim doesn’t deal with any ‘gators, but he might have been better off taking a trip to the swamp. The story revolves around the death of a mobster’s niece and it’s likely to start a war between the two cartels who run Little Havana. It appears that the girl’s murder may be connected to the disappearance of her father ten years earlier. Her family has always suspected the rival family of being responsible but when Jim finds out that she went to see the head of that family the night she was killed, he goes to the man’s private club for answers.

As if dealing with two rival mob families isn’t enough, Jim also has to deal with an organized crime cop who puts a bug on him which almost gets him killed.

Digging deeper into the girl’s final days, Jim discovers that she was preparing to meet a lover at a hotel room, someone she’s been secretly seeing for years. Her cell phone shows numerous calls to someone that night, and it leads him to thinking this wasn’t a mob hit after all.

After ruffling some feathers, Jim learns that the girl’s lover was someone she’d known since she was a teen. Someone her father didn’t approve of and that leads Jim to one of the men in her uncle’s employ. When confronted, the young man realizes that confessing to the father’s murder and the accidental death of the girl (who discovered the truth and had rejected him), is better than facing her mobster uncle.

Matt Passmore is the heart and soul of The Glades and you’ll either love his quirky, laid-back, almost forgetful style, or he’ll drive you crazy. In addition to the weekly cop drama, there’s also a romantic element as Jim tries to make a life with Callie. Sadly, her husband has just come back from prison, thanks to a deal he made with the DA and they don’t appreciate Jim having an “inappropriate” relationship with the married wife of their star witness.

If you like your police procedurals with an off-kilter twist, tune in to The Glades, every Sunday night at 10:00pm on A&E.

Photo: A&E

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