‘The Glee Project’ Video: Lea Michele Makes Her Entrance

The Glee Project will return to Oxygen tonight, and those competiting for that guest spot on the series will be in for a treat. The first mentor of the season is someone straight from the series, and it is clear from the short clip from the premiere that no one expected to see Lea Michele walk out to mentor this season’s contestants. At least not the contestants themselves.

As Rachel Berry, every fan of this Fox series loves Michele, and the reaction some have to her entrance is priceless. Watching contestants jump out of their seats at first sight was fun to see, and Michele should definitely have a few pointers for this season’s contestants. She has made her way through the halls of McKinley High as Berry, and she has moved on to New York City.

There are bigger and better things in store for Rachel in NYC when she attends the NYADA. However, she is helping the contestants this week as they work on individuality. The only hint dropped about the episode is that a Whitesnake song will be performed. That should be something to see. Nothing wrong with a little classic ’80s rock.

This season, others from the series will also come in to mentor the contestants. This includes Cory Monteith and Naya Rivera. What do you think? Are you excited for the return of The Glee Project?

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