The Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” Rally – How Political Can It Get, Really?

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The question posed in the headline above isn’t rhetorical. The Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” Rally, despite its clear appeal to the Tea Party, has an interesting kink in the setup.

Glenn Beck’s rally tomorrow is dedicating its proceeds to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. That organization is a non-profit dedicated to providing scholarships to the children of special ops soldiers killed in action or training.

Because Glenn Beck’s rally is donating its proceeds to a non-profit organization, they are not allowed by IRS law to make the event a political one. The Washington Post notes that this is why Beck did not invite any elected officials to speak tomorrow.

It is also stated on the Restoring Honor Rally’s web site that attendees are asked to not bring “signs political or otherwise” along with all the usual restrictions for such gatherings, such as alcohol or firearms.

So the Glenn Beck rally can’t be openly political. But the description of the event insists on claiming the country needs to restore values that once made it great and that Sarah Palin apparently embodies them since she’ll speak tomorrow. Not to mention MLK’s niece, Alveda King, who recently compared same-sex marriage to genocide.

Is the Glenn Beck rally going to be openly political? They seem to be trying not to be while slipping in dog whistles. Not to mention having political organizations like the National Rifle Association as co-sponsors.

There are going to be watchdog groups at the Glenn Beck rally keeping an eye out for extremism. They should take note of any overt politicization of the event if they’re going to be fair about it. It would be wrong for a charity as sensible as the Special Operations Warrior Foundation to be tarred by such a brush.

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