The Golden Symbol (Kilenya Series 6), by Andrea Pearson (A book review)

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When I read the first of Andrea Pearson’s series, Kilenya, I was hooked and have been following her series for a few years.

She took me on Jacob’s adventures where he learned that he was not originally from the planet earth, but was a prince of a place in another world. A place where the Lorkons had been trying to take control. He learned of powers he had no idea he possessed and was trained to use them. Jacob was the only one that could save the inhabitants that had yet to be controlled by the terrible, poisonous Lorkons.

She took me through the emotions of traveling in places where there was no light and of course, no vision, where there was no sound (no hearing), where the senses didn’t work and only wit could conquer.

The Golden Symbol, the sixth and last of Andrea’s series was no let down, other than the fact that I couldn’t put her book down. I had to know. Did Jacob and his father, the King, conquer the Lorkons, or did the Molgs, the Dusts, the infected humans and all that the Lorkons controlled, take over? I was surprised by the outcome, but far from disappointed. This is a great story.

Andrea writes for young adults, so I must be young at heart as I loved this story. I hear she’s starting on a new series. I hate waiting, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for it.


You can find her books on Amazon. Here’s the link to this one:

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