‘The Good Wife’ Recap: Pants on Fire

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The Good Wife picks up from where it’s left off before no less than a three-week hiatus. Alicia has a one to one with Jackie at the hair salon about the sudden generosity of her mother-in-law who put a down payment for the Florricks’ old house, and is willing to stop her. “Pants on Fire” means also Matthew Perry at his best, for a second time in a row since the Blue Ribbon panel episode, as the sleazy lawyer Mike Kresteva.

Kresteva (Matthew Perry) and Alicia (Julianna Margulies) – Photo: Global TV

Case of the week: Three young women are accused of killing another camper while they were in their teens. Alicia is defending one of them. All three have been in jail for five years and now the DNA evidence no longer seems to hold up. Here’s where Peter comes into picture, by offering them the chance of an Alford plea. They must acknowledge there’s enough evidence that incriminates them while they will be set free. All three must agree on that, but it’s hard for them to make the right choice.

Lawyer Callie (played by Julianne Nicholson) pushes her client, Pamela, to hold out for a civil suit. The former cokehead lawyer would gain 20 percent of any winnings in this case. Lindsay is undecided and Megan is ready to take the plea because they beat her up in jail.

Kalinda investigates the said murder, apart from being asked by Alicia to look into her mother-in-law’s finances, and comes across a camp instructor who seems to have had a close relationship with the victim. However, Kalinda’s theory falls down when it turns out he was at a bar at the time of the murder. The evidence, a photo, shows him wearing a bracelet that looked exactly like one Megan had worn. However, this element doesn’t help the case so Alicia pushes Callie to take the Alford plea.

Alicia – Kresteva

Alicia gets Kresteva’s visit and remembers the last time they spoke it didn’t end well. He comes to her office to bring her the report from the Blue Ribbon panel, and offers her the chance to write a minority report.

Kresteva fabricates a different version of this conversation when he publicly drops the bombshell that he will run for governor of Illinois. Alicia watches the TV news fuming at Kresteva’s statement that she had invited him to her office and said if he changed the report and cleared her husband’s name, she would sign the panel report too.

Later when she confronts him, Kresteva lies her to her face saying she misremembers things and refuses to back down. He counts on the fact that Peter is too vulnerable to enter the race for governor.

Eli reproaches Alicia for confronting Kresteva about his lies. All the more, she is now willing to show Peter some support during his campaign.

Eli – Vanessa

Parker Posey returns as Eli’s ex-wife Vanessa to be coached during her State Senate campaign by the expert, Mr. Gold. As the two former spouses reconcile, Eli advises her she must win the female voters, who are traditional. But first, “Don’t sleep with other people,” says Eli.

He keeps consulting Vanessa until a party big shot tells him there’s another candidate they want in. Eli has to back off to focus on managing Peter’s campaign, losing Vanessa’s friendship in the process.

Peter – Jackie

Asked by Alicia to stop his mother’s house bid, Peter keeps his promise to talk to Jackie. As much as his mother insists Alicia is manipulating him, Peter doesn’t accept Jackie’s interference in his marriage and simply makes her choose: either she stops, or he’ll be out of her life.

Nobody expected the consequences of this conversation though. When Jackie calls Alicia from the hospital bed telling her she’s had a stroke, the lawyer doesn’t believe her for a second. And when she goes to the hospital to see her, Jackie asks her to come closer and whispers to her: “I forgive you.”

Peter – Kresteva

The two soon-to-be opponents have an elevator showdown. Sure of himself, Kresteva doesn’t play by mafia rules (no families involved), which makes Peter warn him he’d fight against him with everything he’s got and he can find. Kresteva deviously counter strikes: “I promise you one thing: You may not regret it, but your wife will.”

The episode ends with Peter talking to the press, announcing his candidacy, with a sceptical and much more experienced Alicia by his side. Just her face’s close up says it all.

There are two episodes left from this season of The Good Wife which will hopefully live up to the viewers’ expectations. Is Peter the right man for the governor job? Sound off your comments below.

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