‘The Good Wife’ Season 4 Episode 18: Battle a Lie with a Bigger Lie

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“Death of a Client” was, by far, the best episode of this season of The Good Wife. There was never a dull moment beginning with the Chicago’s Shamrock dinner on St. Paddy’s Day while exploring Peter’s campaign and the death of one of Alicia’s clients.

The brilliant John Noble (Fringe) guest starred as Matthew Ashbaugh, whose death Alicia deals with most of the episode, as she’s having flashbacks of working on his numerous cases and his obsession with Bach music, mixed with memories of her good times with Will.

Stockard Channing returns as Veronica, Alicia’s mother, Amanda Peet as Laura Hellinger and Matthew Perry as Peter’s Republican opponent Mike Kresteva.

Ashbaugh’s sole purpose in life was his 18(!) ongoing lawsuits as the way to spend as much time as possible with Alicia. He really liked her. Despite the craziness of all his cases and Alicia asking him at one point to have her fired, she always had a good rapport with him. Sadly, he got himself into way too much trouble, and with the number of enemies he’s made, no wonder he ended up killed on the streets.

As Alicia shines in her exquisite red gown at the fancy dinner, she doesn’t get to spend much time there as Peter’s faithful, loving and supportive wife–a saint, as Eli asked her to be the whole evening. But she does have a swift and hilarious banter with Kresteva that ends with a line only the new, feisty Alicia could utter: “Die choking on your own blood.” They are interrupted by police detective Douglas (Smash‘s Will Chase), who breaks Alicia the news of Ashbaugh’s death.

Cresteva takes advantage of the cops barging in at the party and starts spreading rumours about Zach having troubles with the cops for dealing drugs.

Eli, always at the top of his game, works on getting Peter as many votes as possible. Tonight’s goal for Peter is to get the endorsing hug from the Cardinal (played by John Cullum) that would get him 800,000 catholic votes.

While Kresteva and Peter are fighting for that needed hug, Alicia is at the police station answering detective’s questions about Ashbaugh. She gives him names and tells him that all of Ashbaugh’s cases involved altercations of exchange of words. She stops feeding them more information as soon as she’s asked about her client suing the Chicago PD. According to the attorney-client privilege, she couldn’t reveal more, and called Will and Diane at the dinner for advice. The privilege could be waived now that the client was dead. While Will would contact the victim’s family for their permission, Diane asked Alicia to be circumspect.

Laura shows up at the station as the lawyer who’s supposed to get answers from Alicia. She offers Alicia a ride back to the party and wants to talk to her at some point for some advice.

Back at the ball, Peter asks Diane to be his candidate for the Illinois Supreme Court Justice if he becomes Governor. Eli added that she has all the relevant connections and Peter chimed in saying she’ll just make a damn good judge. And she only has less than three hours to decide.

Meanwhile, Peter and Eli are taken by surprise when the Cardinal greets them reassuring Peter that his nephew had the same problem with drugs. Peter is confused, but the look on Eli’s face is just priceless.

As it turns out, Eli finds out the rumour Kresteva has been spreading on Zach. He tells Peter about that and asks him not to make a scene, for the way to battle a lie, is to come up with a bigger lie. Which Peter disagrees. So he and Kresteva become the protagonists of the second best scene of the night after the Alicia-Kresteva chat at the beginning. Peter follows his opponent in the men’s room and hits Kresteva when he starts being smug about Zach. He so deserved that punch and Peter was magnificent as he broke that glass and mocked him.

Just as Alicia and Laura are about to leave the station, Doug comes up with more news. Matthew’s killer’s car was found and the last address in his GPS was Alicia’s apartment. With her mind running at a million miles an hour she calls home and Gracie answers after a few rings. The kids were having a good time with Grandma. Veronica, not Jackie. Alicia asks her mother to take the kids to her hotel, but instead they stop at an Irish Pub across the street since both Zach and Veronica’s cars were blocked.

With her life in danger, Alicia tells Laura about witnessing a cop who threatened Ashbaugh he’d kill him if he mentioned Edward Lomax, a drug dealer who was shot and killed on the fifth ward. She then calls Kalinda, who was on a date, and asks for her help.

Meanwhile, during some downtime with the case, Laura asks Alicia if Will is seeing someone. Alicia suggests her to ask him out.

During her investigation, Kalinda gets to the killer’s car and realizes that model has no GPS. Hard to understand why Douglas came up with the GPS lie. Also, as she studies the surveillance tape, she notices a Fetch Far in the criminal’s car. Dog owners use it to throw a ball. One of the people Ashbaugh sued was a barking dog’s owner.

At the ball, neither Cresteva nor Peter get Cardinal’s hug. This is “Unchartered territory,” according to Eli.

The episode ends with Peter dancing with Alicia, as she’s having another distant memory of her dead client.

Next week in the The Good Wife, Dylan Baker returns as the wealthy murderer Colin Sweeney, as he might me jailed for life. Also Diane must reconsider her relationship with Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole). And Morena Baccarin returns as Isobel Swift.

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