‘The Good Wife’ Season 4 Spoilers: Kalinda’s Husband Cast, ‘ER’ Reunion

The Good Wife season 4 has a couple of new characters coming, and one is going to mean a reunion for the lead actress, Julianna Margulies. Who will be the most affected by these new characters?

Season 4 Casting News and Spoilers

TVLine has reported that Marc Warren is going to be recurring as Kalinda’s husband. You knew this role was coming to the fourth season after how season 3 ended—and considering how Kalinda ended the season, ready for her ex-husband, could the character of Nick be described as anything other than “dangerous” and “a master manipulator”? This could end up being quite the arc for Kalinda which should give Archie Panjabi the chance to impress viewers. He’s expected to show up “early” in season 4.

TVLine has also reported that Maura Tierney, who appeared on ER with Margulies, is going to be recurring for “as many as 10 episodes” as “Maddie, a self-made billionaire who started her own Internet company and is the doyenne of Chicago Democratic politics.” So how is she connected to the rest of the characters? “Eli eagerly pursues her money and endorsement for Peter’s campaign.” Tierney and Margulies did share scenes on ER—Abby was Carol’s delivery nurse. Will the two share many scenes when Tierney appears in The Good Wife season 4? Since she is going to be in 10 episodes, it seems likely.

What do you think of the latest The Good Wife season 4 spoilers and casting news?

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