the grass is greener satwe sept 8

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When little Karen’s parents used to take her and her older siblings on road trips, she always loved to look at the nicer homes in the country or farms with lush fields. This was so different than where she was born in Northern Ontario or where she now lived in Mississauga. The grass was as green as pictures she had seen of Ireland. Lush pastures and huge estates way out in the middle of no where. She imagined what farm life would be but her mom said it wasn’t for sissies.  The family lived in a nice townhouse in a growing metropolitan area. Still Karen wondered what living in a high class house would be like.  Did they have maids and cooks and did they throw big parties.


It’s always fun to imagine how other people live but we have to  also look at the impoverished in third world countries or even in rundown areas in our own cities. Those who don’t have running water, indoor plumbing or even heat. What about those who are starving and living in cardboard boxes?  Looking at the less fortunate makes us appreciate our lives just the way it is. Most of us want something better and buy lotto tickets just for the chance. A poor mans lottery is just living to see another day.

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