The Great Debaters and Civil Rights

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As many of you should know this is a movie. I finally watched it last night. Not only was it an amazing movie but it is a true story! The premise of the movie is this, 4 kids on a debate team ,pre civil rights. The professor became a well know poet, Marvin Tolston, and the debaters all graduated from college and had some hand in the Civil Rights Movement. In the movie, they are all black at an all black college, as I am sure you realize. They try to get schools to debate them. Finally, the last debate they had at Harvard. These people treated them with respect and dignity. They judged the debate fairly and that team won. The team won because they were not afraid to stand up to their oppressors.

Why am I talking about this? Fair question. I am talking about it because the meaning of the movie can be applied to our current situation. How you ask? Well we are currently being oppressed and our rights are being taken away. All the rights that were fought for, that people died for, are dwindling fast.

The greats of the Civil Rights Movement: Rosa Parks, MLK Jr, Samantha Booke, etc… and also all the woman activists such as Susan B. Anthony who fought for black’s and women’s rights, would be absolutely appalled at our country’s government today. They fought the hard fight, they were fighting for change, much needed change. When it got here it was met with skepticism and racism. We went from being divided to being united. That is never easy. But we are America and we did it. We created the American Dream. The American dream that MLK Jr. died for. He would have been proud to see it come to fruition.

Unfortunately, he would be appalled and disheartened to see what it has become. This country is doing a 180 in the wrong direction. To state it simply, we’re going backwards. Everyone was so excited when Obama came around. Everyone was like, “yeah the first black president!” Obama made the campaign about race and he had the audacity to spew quotes from MLK Jr. If he was sincere about it we wouldn’t be angry. He said it just to get elected so he could destroy our great country! Obama seriously pales in comparison to MLK Jr. Thank goodness this is finally coming to light. He is not a great man as everyone thought and he hasn’t brought any change to this country as he promised. Due to his color, people anxiously went and voted. They voted in a man with no experience, a man who will destroy this country if he is not stopped.

Why do I say this? It is simple. He is doing a grave injustice to this country and it’s people as well as all of the Black Rights activists and Women’s right activists that paved the way for this Black President. These activists paved the way to honor our Bill of Rights and Constitutional rights for all people, colored or not. This President has single handedly wiped most of those rights away. He is going away from small government and leaping toward Big Government. Which is a very BAD thing. These activists worked so hard for our rights and to get their voices heard. To bring REAL change to America. They fought for justice, equality and rights for everyone, not just the white man. Obama is doing the opposite. He is downing us and making this country look weak to foreign countries. He is not standing strong on protecting our borders. He is destroying jobs NOT creating them. He is obliterating this economy NOT lifting it up. The list goes on and on.

We need to ask ourselves a question. Do we really want to go back to when there were no Civil Rights? Do we really want to end up like Nazi Germany or worse? I have one answer for you. No! We need to fight for our rights! We need to fight for them as if our life depends upon it, because believe me it does! We need to make our voices heard LOUD and clear. The time has come once again to stand up to our oppressors and take back our Civil rights! We need to take back our wonderful country and go back to our Constitution, the law of the land. It is one of few that makes this country great!

Our country was founded because people were sick of the oppression in England that continues today, with the Queen as dictator! They separated from England to be free. That is why the Constitution was written, so that we could be free and so it would NEVER happen again! Yet we were asleep at the wheel for too long and we are getting frighteningly closer to that dictatorship once again. OUr Founding fathers would be livid. They would start a REVOLUTION! They would fight back!

We need to make our Founding Fathers, MLK Jr, and all of the other activists – who either did or would have died for the cause- proud once again. How can we do that?-you ask. It’s very simple really. We take back our American dream. We take back our liberty!

Our country is once again divided. Instead of being divided by race and gender we are divided by political parties. Whatever happened to “Give me Liberty or Give me death”?! Whatever happened to “United we stand, Divided we fall”?! What happened to “For the Republic for which it stands, one NATION under God”?! What happened to “I pledge ALLEGIANCE to the FLAG and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”?!!!

We have lost our values and basic principles. We have gotten lost in the world of lies and deceit. We have allowed a President to remove the presence of the American Flag from the inside of the White House. We have allowed a President to spew vicious words about us to other countries. We have allowed a President to withhold his proof of citizenship! We have allowed this President to MANDATE MANDATORY HEALTH CARE! We have allowed this President to fire people in the private sector. We have allowed this President and HIS government to enlarge the government power past the barrier of abuse. We have allowed this President and his government NOT to have Checks and Balances! We are allowing this President to turn us into a dictatorship and steer us away from freedom! We are allowing this President to turn us into SLAVES!

America used to stand for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Now it is starting to stand for Dividing, Conquering, and Enslaving! You may think I am being drastic or exaggerating but unfortunately I am not. If you looked around you and opened your eyes, you would see it too! We need to open our minds and hearts, the one’s who are asleep at the wheel – the one’s who have yet to see the truth. It is time everyone wake up! It is time America and it’s citizens show a united front because under 1 flag we stand! I only pledge Allegiance to 1 country and 1 flag! I will never pledge allegiance to a human being, even if it costs me my life. I would rather die free than be enslaved and oppressed.

Let’s take back our Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness! We need to prevent this government from getting it’s wish and enslaving the masses. We need to break away from Big Government and all of the devastation that follows it. Let’s make our founder’s proud! Let’s make sure that the activists and soldiers who died protecting our freedom have not died in vane. For if we do not, there deaths would be meaningless. Our lives would be for nothing and our freedom, history. Let’s make the women, soldiers and Blacks who fought for our freedom, equality and Rights proud! Let’s show a united front and send a message to Washington.

The time for REAL change starts now. We can still repair the damage before it is too late. We can start with this election of 2010. We can make our voices heard loud and proud! Vote for CONSTITUTIONAL Conservatives, because they believe in our Constitution, our American dream and most importantly our Freedom! If we do not show a united front, and if we do not stand up to our oppressors we will regress to the slavery of a Big Government. We will regress to the point where we have no rights and we will become even more divided. This will all be thanks to a government who wants to STRIP us of our Rights and FORCE their AGENDAS and their MANDATES upon us. We need to stop sitting idly by while our freedoms and dreams are destroyed. Let’s unite once again Americans and take our country, rights and freedoms back! Long Live AMERICA! GOD Bless the USA! Give us Liberty or give us death! The CONSTITUTION is the ONLY Solution, our only saving grace!

OUR country tis of thee!

Sweet land of liberty!

Of thee I sing!

Land where OUR father died! Land of OUR children’s pride!

On every mountain side, let FREEDOM ring!

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