‘The Great Food Truck Race': ‘In Fayetteville’ Recap

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Tonight the Great Food Truck Race moves on to Fayetteville, Arkansas. With just five trucks remaining, the question is who will be sent home next. Again, the teams strategize as they travel to the next destination. Coast of Atlanta believes they’ve learned that simplicity in their menu is a key to success. Seoul Sausage makes plans to raise their prices just slightly, and Nonna’s Kitchen hopes to add quesadillas and root beer floats to their menu. When arriving in Fayetteville, the trucks meet up at Razorback Stadium. This week each team is given $300 in seed money and told to be careful about pricing as Fayetteville is a college town.

The Truck Stop

At the time of the Truck Stop, Tyler tells each team to shut their trucks down immediately. Further, they were required to go home and to bed early. Why? They would have to be up very early to sell during the breakfast hour. The following morning, the teams were told they would make a breakfast dish using pop tarts. Being in a college town, the teams would be judged by a famous teen chef. The winner would receive a $750 token to be added to their till.

Seoul Sausage chose to make a sandwich using pop tarts and fried egg, while Pop-A-Waffle would add the pop tarts and berries to their waffle batter. Nonna’s Kitchenette would use their pop tarts to make a french toast, while Coast of Atlanta created a unique pop tart hash. Lastly, Momma’s Grizzly made a simple dish by just adding a few toppings to the pop tarts.

At judging, Jeremy Salamon (the guest judge) preferred Nonna’s Kitchenette and Seoul Sausage. However, he chose Nonna’s Kitchenette as the winner of this Truck Stop.

The Breakfast Crowd

For the morning service, Seoul Sausage and Nonna’s Kitchenette would team together at the local farmer’s market. However, all the teams had the same idea. Pop-a-Waffle is accepted along with Seoul Sausage and Nonna’s Kitchen, but Coast of Atlanta and Momma’s Grizzly Grub must park on the outskirts. Further, Momma’s Grizzly Grub hits a lamppost and the cost of repair would be taken out of their till.

Mid-morning, the trucks were shut down by Tyler once again. Teams were told to rest up and plan to open back up for business at 1 a.m. (the graveyard shift).

At 1 a.m., all the teams head to the same street which is known for partying. Coast of Atlanta runs out of food and must first make a grocery run. Nonna’s Kitchenette and Momma’s Grizzly Grub battle over a location. Immediately, Seoul Sausage and Pop-a-Waffle are bombarded with customers. Nonna’s Kitchenette also draws a crowd with their fried donuts and quesadillas. After opening, Coast of Atlanta decides to drop their prices and offer a simple fish basket. Nonetheless, the bar crowd dies out at about 3 a.m. With a few hours remaining, Coast of Atlanta plans for the morning and moves to the farmer’s market very early. Nonna’s Kitchenette quickly follows.

Elimination Day

Tonight is the fourth elimination for this season of the Great Food Truck Race. In first place this week is Nonna’s Kitchenette. Next in second place is Seoul Sausage followed by Momma’s Grizzly Grub. In fourth place is Pop-a-Waffle and at the very bottom Coast of Atlanta. Because of the accident however, Momma’s Grizzly Grub must deduct $250 from their till. Thus, the question is, will they or Coast of Atlanta go home? By a difference of just $24, Coast of Atlanta is sent home.

The final four contestants will move on next week to Nashville.

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