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The Great Pumpkin Revisited


It’s the Great Pumpkin

Charlie Brown, he cries

Flying overhead

In the clear night skies!


He’ll bring us candy

With treats of all kinds

Here in the great patch

Who knows what we’ll find


Great big and orange

So round and so bright

Passing out sweet treats

On Halloween night


But you must stay here

And wait for his light

Or you’ll miss the fun

This Halloween night


Of course he’ll be here

Yes I know it’s true

He comes every year

I am telling you


Just because he’s late

Doesn’t mean a thing

Any minute now

He will start to sing


We will get more treats

Lots of goodies too

You’ll be glad you stayed

I am telling you


Now don’t be so crass

Just because it’s dawn

Mumbling a lot

Stifling a yawn


Surely then this night

He’ll come treats and all

I just cannot wait

Till I hear his call!




Challenge: Using prose or poetry, write something (fiction, nonfiction, or essay) about the month of October. If nothing else, write a story or poem and just include the word October in it somewhere.

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