The Guardians Of the Free Republics – Claims Agreement With US Military

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Guardians Of the Free Republics is the name of a shadowy organization who are part of a larger underground network of right wing extremists. Using internet radio, internet TV and shortwave radio to broadcast their message, they have developed a fanatical following of anti-government conspiracy freaks and militia members. 

This group publishes a manifesto of sorts called a Restore America project, on it’s website which is filled with rhetoric and code phrases sounding much like a private language for followers of a particular cult. Desiring to rid American of “corporate government”, it never explains or even alludes to the definition of the term. Several times it refers to “high ranking members of the armed forces” and is written to give you the impression those mysterious “high ranking members” are in collusion with the group. It also sounds like they are in close conversation with what they call “leaders of the freedom movement”… whatever that means. They state the military has agreed to follow the orders of “the legitimate de jure government” . “de Jure Government” is sprinkled all through the web site indicated it also is a code phrase peculiar to this underground movement.

Quote – “After a year of face-to-face negotiations with high-ranking members of the armed forces of the united States of America, the leaders of the freedom movement have joined together to bring you a four step comprehensive remedy—the Restore America Plan—whereby the military has agreed to follow the orders of the legitimate de jure government upon proper restoration and execution.”

The plan talks of taking control of the government “behind the scenes’ without alarming the public and claims to use “non-violent” means. 

Read the web site here and see how strange this group is.. If they are for real, they sound subversive and possibly dangerous. But they sound so far ‘out there” I wonder if theu are eating Haagen Dazs and waiting for a space ship. 

But according to the source article linked below, the whole thing seems to be the brain child of one Texas underground talk-show host Sam Kennedy, who is responsible for sending threatening letters to Governors around the country telling them to vacate their offices or suffer the consequences.


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Guardians of the free Republics tied to Texas radio station

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