The Hand of God (Wednesday Writing Essentials – WWE – War)

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Write in any form you desire about a war or non-war of anything you can imagine.


In the beginning there was darkness then God created light, man and animals but there was still darkness in the souls of man. God decided merge his two greatest creations for which he so dearly had affection, animals were inherently good and man was inherently flawed so his first ambassadors possessed the physical characteristics of men’s and women’s bodies with heads that resembled animals. At once they roamed among mankind imparting their wisdom and knowledge to all peoples of the earth, the primitive humans viewed these creatures as demi-gods and captured their likenesses in hieroglyphs and statues.

Magnificent creatures of stunning beauty with heads that took the likenesses dogs, cats, lions and birds; sharing technological advancements that shame current day technology like the pyramids of Giza or the temples of the Aztec empire. Unlike angels who followed God these mystical beings actually possessed all the power of God because they were an extension of his being like fingers of the hand, his will was their will. They brought the human species out of the darkness with science and mathematics to create a less mystifying world and gave them the tools to master life on the planet.

It was always God’s intention that his human creations follow him through freewill, freewill is what made people different from everything else; angels and animals already had celestial knowledge so they knew God was lord of the kingdom called earth. With all the advancements and wonder his ambassadors brought to earth there were those who felt resentment, they had taught us developed agriculture, domestication of livestock and durable architecture. With all the basics to support and sustain life in place the people of earth should not have wanted for more but they did, they wanted to conquer their neighbors and enslave or destroy them if they protested.

There was an inherent need in the hearts of men to be as the gods were, greedy by nature they had everything they needed but they wanted dominate all that they surveyed. All the alien visitors could do as they watched the needless slaughter of Gods people was weep. They had imparted all the wisdom of the cosmos but the human creature’s insatiable quest for power could only lead to death and destruction; the perfect world was only a concept in the minds of scholars now. Gradually the visitors withdrew to the shadows where they became myths and legends to the children who were not alive to have witnessed their miracles.

The fingers of God’s hand no longer dwelt among us and for the first time since his creation; man was truly alone and the master of his own destiny.

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