The Hannaria Series Out of the Gray, by Patricia Gilliam (Book review)

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I had purchased most of the Hannaria series some time ago, but when I found out that Patricia Gilliam issued a second edition, I had to have the series again. It’s rare when I reread a series, but I’m hooked on this sci-fi series, and anxiously waiting for the newest of the collection.


Alex, a teenager, starts out as narrator, telling of his family’s distrust and hatred of Earth’s Hannarian Ambassador, Jernard. Alex is at the age to question, and when he met Jernard’s son, began wondering if in fact the Hannarian’s were out to conquer Earth or trying to help.

Through quick moving, page turning action, he found himself helping the Hannarians, and helping a young girl named Rica.

Rica, the next narrator, had been adopted by human parents. Neither she or her parents knew she was Hannarian, and it didn’t show as a very young girl. But, eventually her Hannarian gifts began to show, and her mother and father knew that she would be found out if allowed to continue school on Earth. So, she and her mother went to another planet to be with their father. Unknown to them, her father was still on Earth, in danger as was she and her mother.  Jernard was with them, attempting to protect , and get them to a safe planet.

When it comes to Patricia’s series, I find it hard, if not impossible, to put her books down. I’ve forgotten dinner, lost sleep, and found myself in a world of wonder and sci-fi adventure. I highly recommend her series. Start with this one—the first of the series. Guarantee you’ll be hooked.

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