The Hasselhoffs Canceled By A&E After Two Episodes – Is The Light Going Out On The Hoff?

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The Hasselhoffs being canceled by A&E is making news this weekend. The network decided to cancel the new David Hasselhoff reality series just after two episodes. The series just didn’t cut it in the ratings, and it has to make you wonder if David Hasselhoff is finally losing his charm? Did he have any charm to begin with?

LOS ANGELES - NOV 1: David Hasselhoff arrives at the Dancing With The Stars 200th Show Party at Boulevard3 on November 1, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA Photo via Newscom

The Hasselhoffs had just hit A&E last week, and it looked like the actor and singer was on the verge of a comeback. Let’s forget he was the first sent home on Dancing With The Stars this year. He almost deserved that elimination with how cheeky he performed on the dance floor. It was clear that he hadn’t taken the task and dancing seriously. This made the viewers give him the boot first.

His life has been one mishap after another in recent years, and one would think this would make people want to tune in to watch the reality series. Almost like you just can’t stop yourself from watching a train wreck once it starts. A&E was betting on that it looks like, but they lost the bet.

How many tuned in to watch David Hasselhoff? A&E is reporting that 718,000 turned in for the premiere episode on Monday, December 6th, and only a little over 500,000 stuck around to watch the second episode. Ouch! Those numbers are awful. When you look at the debut for Sarah Palin and her reality series on TLC, it pales in comparison. Five million tuned in to watch the debut of Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Even with the reality show canceled, David Hasselhoff is not out of a job. He was selected by Simon Cowell earlier this week to replace him on Britain’s Got Talent. Simon even said he felt Hasselhoff was the best man for the job. Someone has faith in David Hasselhoff. More faith than A&E did for The Hasselhoffs. Did you catch the reality series last Monday? Go here for the latest in entertainment news and gossip.

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