The Healing Patch Raw Cuisine (video included)

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Eating healthy is the best thing that you can do for yourself and your family. Why eat food that will get you sick, make your clothes “shrink”, and which puts more chemicals in your body than nutrients. There are many eating philosophies and diets on the market. Whichever one you choose, your main concern is which food philosophy will make me healthier. Being healthier means less medical appointments which reduces your personal health cost footprint. Preventative health care is better than our current reactive health care. We measure carbon footprints. Maybe we should have a measurement for person health cost footprints.

Raw cuisine is one interesting food philosophy. From time to time I’ve had the opportunity to talk with the two ladies behind the Healing Patch Raw Cuisine concept. In their own words,

“Julie Cara Hoffenberg and Sarah Woodward, founders of The Healing Patch Raw Cuisine, are two gals with vastly different backgrounds. Their differences create a perfect balance to help people along their way to a healthier lifestyle.

Friends and family of Julie call her “the health nut” and joke that she is full of the most random health tidbits on the planet! She has over seven years of experience in the natural health field and also holds an education degree, which enables her to clearly and simply guide people through their health transitions.

Sarah’s family refers to her as “the miracle”, as she is a survivor of ovarian cancer. Her unique approach to healing, combined with raw foods, resulted in a new life of divine health. While most women do not survive ovarian cancer (and those who do feel less than great), Sarah is living proof that balancing the emotional and physical aspects of life can bring unexpected incredible outcomes to assumed impossibilities!”

Julie and Sarah are down to earth and provide advice that is easy to follow. They realize that we are all human and even with the best of intentions, we do give into our eating cravings. For me, no matter how healthy I try to eat, I always answer when cheese calls my name. Follow their blog.  I recommend their cookbook. Not only will you find tasty recipes but you will also learn about raw cuisine written in an enjoyable tone.



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