The Heidi Montag Shocking Plastic Surgery Photos 2010: This Girl Really Needs Help

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I thought the original Heidi Montag was cute. And her personality was so much more likeable. When she got the first round of plastic surgery I felt so sorry for her. She had been a cute girl and now she looked as fake as the “reality” show she starred in. But I got used the Heidi 2.0 and eventually forgot about how different she looked. 



The photos I have seen online from this most recent round of plastic surgery though are truly disturbing. She looks horrible and as far as I know, when it comes to bad plastic surgery decisions it is really hard to go back (Courtney Love). 

I am also questioning her mental health. The ten procedure number is scary but to go public about it in People Magazine seems just so desperate to me for any kind of fame. From what I’ve read of the interview, all was done in hopes of launching her pop career. Montag has spent $2 million dollars on her upcoming pop album and she claims the plastic surgery procedures are to make her marketable as a singer.

I am honestly shaking my head on this one.heidi montag plastic surgery photos 2010

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