The Hills – Heidi Montag Auditions For Transformers 3 [Video]

Now this is one I didn’t expect to see pop up this morning. Heidi Montag wants in on Transformers 3. We all know Megan Fox is no longer a part of the project, and the search is on for her replacement. Heidi Montag wants to be her replacement for the film.

However, she decided to film her own audition tape, and then she tweeted the video to the twitter account of who thought was Michael Bay for consideration. That wasn’t his twitter! And now this video is circulating around the net today.

Wow. Did that blonde hair make her stupid? The twitter account she sent it to even was named ‘TheFakeMichaelBay’ – well maybe she lost a few brain cells with all that plastic surgery. Just a few anyway!

Check out her audition tape for Transformer 3 below. What do you think? Would she get a role in the movie? For more of my coverage of the The Hills, go here.


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