The Hiltons support(ed) McCain

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Guess which Presidential candidate has stood on stage with Paris Hilton?

John McCain.

Guess which Presidential candidate Hilton's grandparents gave over $60,000 to?

John McCain and the republican party.

Her parents have also maxed out on donations to McCain's campaign. Rick Hilton was so enthusiastic about his candidate of choice that, The Times' Tina Daunt reports, federal records show he donated twice as much as the law allows (the campaign returned the excess).

Why would the McCain campaign use the daughter, granddaughter of donors in his ad? We all know Paris Clinton is no Saint. However imperfect she might be. She is a daughter, a granddaughter.

Ask yourself this question. Were she your daughter, would you appreciate McCain using her in a political ad? Were she your daughter and you were a big time donor to McCain and the Republican Party, would you appreciate this kind of payback?

Apparently, it does not matter to John McCain. He would do anything to win. He will use the daughter and granddaughter of donors. That's not off limit. Nothing is off limit if it can advance McCain's cause.

So what happened to a clean campaign?

While nobody was paying attention, John McCain hired some key new players of the Karl Rove School of Defamation and Attack. Expect more of these to come. Nobody is off limit. Even if you voted all your life Republican and maxed out, if they can use you in an Ad or something similar they will. These are the same people who said Cindy McCain had a black child in 2000.

John McCain's family was not off-limit in 2000. Of course a daughter of a donor is not off-limit. Especially if that daughter is Paris Hilton.

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