The Hoff is Off….No More “Hasselhoffs” On TV

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First he was eliminated from “Dancing With the Stars,” and now his new reality TV show has been canceled after only two episodes. The Hoff is off. There won’t be any more “Hasselhoffs” on TV.

According to ABCNews, “The Hasselhoffs” was canceled after the premiere episode did poorly in the Nielsen ratings, and the second episode fared even worse. Have viewers simply had enough of David Hasselhoff?

It might seem that way. He’s made few fans in the past couple of years following the release of his “drunken cheeseburger” video that one of his daughters posted on line. The clip went viral and the Hoff was seen slurring, staggering and rolling around on the floor saying he simply wanted to be left alone to eat his cheeseburger.

David Hasselhoff was the first contestant to be eliminated from this past season of “Dancing With the Stars,” and anyone who watched this season knows that eliminations were certainly not solely made on dancing skills or lack thereof. It was very much a popularity contest, and the Hoff lost it hands down.

It may in fact be the viewing public has had more than their fill of the former Baywatch heartthrob. Hearts simply aren’t throbbing any more, and any allure David Hasselhoff once had has dried up and blown on down the beach.

Were you one of the 718,000 viewers who caught the first episode of “The Hasselhoffs” on TV? Perhaps you were one of the 505,000 who tuned in to episode 2? If not, you’ve blown your chance, because the series was kissed goodbye quite promptly and likely with very good reason.

Where will the Hoff turn up next? That remains to be seen. But if you really need a dose of David Hasselhoff, you can probably find an old “Knight Rider” rerun somewhere to ease your pain.


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