The Houston Dome Project Update…{PIC & VIDEO}

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The Houston Dome Project is the design and build The Houston Dome is the fourth most populated city in the US. The City of Houston is paying to build this geodesic dome over the city of Houston, called the Houston Dome.

The material used to build the Houston Dome to cover the entire city of Houston must of course be durable, but also lightweight enough. The Houston Dome Project is expected to use a project called Texlon EFTE, which is light-weight and durable and is expected to withstand winds up to 180 MPH. Texlon EFTE is able to hold up against fire as well as water and even a hurricane with the strongest category 5. The Texlon EFTE will be used in conjunction with steel for support.

Houston is plagued with humidity and intense sun and also lots of flooding, so Houston is expected the geodesic dome to eliminate the negative elemets, which is proposed to make Houston a more pleasant place to live.

Some questions that are raised is what if the people of Houston enjoy seeing the sun and the feeling the pitter patter of rain and the warm breezes on their faces? Will they still experience a naturally grown wild flower? It seems to be that life will be experienced inside an air conditioned controlled bubble and that just doesn’t seem natural to me. This, on many levels, scares me personally. The Houston Project Dome seems unreal and unnatural.


Houston Dome Project

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