‘The Hunger Games’ Almost Didn’t Land Jennifer Lawrence

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Actress Jennifer Lawrence almost turned down the role that may propel her into super stardom. It’s that of Katniss Everdeen in the upcoming motion picture event —The Hunger Games.

“I just didn’t know if it was worth changing my life for,” Lawrence revealed candidly to Glamour magazine. However, she admits having read the books and falling in love with them as well as the character she’ll play on film.

The hesitation stemmed from her need to keep a bit of anonymity. “I’m at a peaceful place…,” she revealed. “…Nobody’s staked outside my house,” she went on. Then she explained that she wanted to make sure she wouldn’t second guess her choice. Ultimately, she doesn’t regret her decision.

“I would have said no because I was scared,” she says. But “then I would have been that bitter actress, telling my grandkids ‘I’m that one that turned it down.'” Ultimately, she decided to face her fear and take the chance instead. She realizes the kind of fame the movie might bring her. She also knows she’ll be scrutinized and analyzed after it hits the theaters.

“I can’t stand it when actors complain,” she says. “…It’s a hard life, but it’s a professional life,” she adds. “I’m doing what I love…(and) I get months and months of rest. I have a lot of money for a 21-year-old.” She says she sees little about which to complain.

Her honesty is refreshing. It’s nice to know that love of money didn’t color her decision. In the end, Jennifer Lawrence made it based on her love of the books and for her occupation. In the end, that will serve her and her fans well.

What do you think? Are you excited about Jennifer Lawrence starring role in The Hunger Games?

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