‘The Hunger Games’ DVD: Cast Members to Show Up at Midnight Release Parties!

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As if the buzz over the Friday midnight release of The Hunger Games DVD wasn’t loud enough already, now it’s been revealed that some of the blockbuster movie’s cast members will be on hand at various Walmart release parties around the country.

Excitement has been building ahead of the August 18th release as fans wait to get their hands on the DVD of one of 2012’s biggest hits. If you haven’t noticed already, the TV commercials have been ubiquitous for the last few weeks. And, much like with the release of each Harry Potter book, stores are eager to cash in on the fever (or should that be “Hunger”?) by hosting midnight release parties.

Apparently the makers of The Hunger Games either don’t trust that quite enough people will show up at that late hour or just want to show their appreciation to fans by giving them a little extra treat. It was announced Friday afternoon on the movie’s Facebook page that some of the cast members would be there in person at Walmart stores in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, and Phoenix. Presumably they’ll be signing DVDs, T-shirts, and maybe some skin.

Before you get too excited: No, it won’t be Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, or Liam Hemsworth. Unless they’re making special surprise appearances. (Don’t count on it.) What, you think the studio and the Walmart managers want a riot on their hands?

If you live in or near one of those cities, check the link above to find out the address of the Walmart store and which cast members are going to be there. If not, hey, you can always buy your DVD in the morning.

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