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Like I said in the movie review I don’t often see movies or read books due to media hype. After seeing and enjoying the movie adaptation of this story I rushed out and bought the book. Panem is the new incarnation of the United states that was obliterated during a violent civil war. In the dark days there were uprisings and rebellions that were eventually quashed by the powers that be in the Capitol. As punishment for these insurrections, THE HUNGER GAMES were established to show the districts just who was in control. Two adolescents were chosen in a lottery -one of each gender to participate in the games and fight their peers to the death in the arena. Catniss Everdeen takes the place of her younger sister whose name was pulled. Also chosen was Peeta Mellark.The two must train and learn to fight and survive and the last tribute standing is named the victor.

The book itself goes deeper into the background of the games and explores the ideas of the totalitarinism of Panem and how it’s citizens are mere puppets in life and in the games.  Catniss is a rebellious character who doesn’t want to but is forced to follow the rules. The games are televised so she cannot overtly pull a fast one and risk reprisals for her friends and family in district 12.  The story is well written. There are elements of suspense and plenty of action. Themes include compassion for others when self preservation is the norm. There is romance as manufactured by the game makers and Catniss and Peeta have to play the game to survive in the arena and the world at large. Any deviation is cause for treason and punishment. This book was a real page turner as it has some thing for every one. It is rated in the Young adult category but adults will enjoy the book as well. I highly recommend it and give the story five mocking jay pins.


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