‘The Hunger Games’ Trailer Featuring Jennifer Lawrence Confusing? (Video)

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Jennifer Lawrence and her upcoming film The Hunger Games trailer, which debuted on Good Morning America, was confusing to people who did not read the book the movie is adapted from. Obviously fans of the book will understand what is happening, but what about newbies, of which there are many.

'The Hunger Games' Trailer Featuring Jennifer Lawrence Confusing? (Video)The trailer for The Hunger Games gives fans a great peek of Jennifer Lawrence in her role as Katniss, but they have no idea what the movie is about by watching the trailer. Was it enough to capture viewers’ attention if they had not already read Suzanne Collins’s books? Maybe not.

Of course, people who knew what was going on with the first full length trailer for The Hunger Games actually found it quite moving. Several experts on the series were even in tears. Down with the Capitol’s Arianna Ruiz said, “I was crying. I’ve never cried before with a trailer, but it’s so emotional, and it’s so wonderful to see my favorite book brought to life. And I’m sure it was the same for everyone else as well.”

If you haven’t read the books, were you moved to tears by this trailer? Did it make you excited to see the movie next spring on March 23, 2012? Check out the clip below.

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