The Hurt Locker review – Best Picture winner in 2010?

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Each year I try my best to see all of the movies nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture.  I don’t always agree with the final winners some years, because some of the movies can be boring, despite critics’ views of them.  I’ve also collected many of the winners on DVD for the past 20 years, but will now be replacing them with the new Blu-ray technology.  Anyhow, I’ve seen four of this year’s surprising 10 nominees for Best Picture.  The three movies I’ve watched are Inglorious Basterds, District 9, and most recently The Hurt Locker.  All three were good movies, but of those three I’ve seen, The Hurt Locker is my pick for best picture, so far.  Here is my The Hurt Locker review, based on seeing this movie via iTunes rental this past weekend.

To give a brief plot synopsis without giving a lot away, The Hurt Locker tells the tale of an elite army bomb squad who faces a variety of different dangerous situations in Iraq.  The war drama movie covers the last part of a particular squad’s rotation.   They also introduce a brand new team member into the 3-man squad named SSG William James, who is a bit of a thrill seeker as he jumps right into dangerous situations, often forgetting about his teammates in the process.  It makes for one intriguing situation after another, as well as interest in what this William James guy (played by Jeremy Renner) is all about.  Renner is also nominated for the Best Actor Oscar award and does a good job of portraying his reckless yet intriguing character throughout.

See a clip from The Hurt Locker here (requires age verification).

The reason I enjoyed this movie was it covers the interesting subject of the efforts of a US Army bomb team over in Iraq, which is something we hear about often in the news, yet don’t exactly see.  We might hear tragic news about military casualties due to bombs going off, but we don’t hear about or see the efforts the teams of men and women go through in eliminating these threats.  For that reason, it provides an intriguing movie based on a very current and real subject matter.  The two other movies I saw, Inglorious Basterds and District 9 deal with the past and (potential) future respectively.  While Hurt Locker is not a true story, it was realer than the conceived idea of Tarentino’s Hitler movie, or the concept of District 9’s spaceship-wrecked  aliens forced into camps in South Africa.   That’s not to say that all three movies aren’t entertaining, but I’d give my vote to Hurt Locker of them.

Another thing about this film, it held my attention unlike other past war movies.  Some war movies become tedious, but this one did a good job overall.  The fact they were going into a variety of situations with different factors to eliminate bombs from going off was often suspenseful, dramatic and extremely interesting to watch as it unfolded.  The characters were intriguing and made you interested in what was to come next.  Also, the movie wasn’t overwhelmed with character after character, it basically centered around 3-5 guys total.  The movie has suspense, good acting, good action, a great cast and special effects which add to its realism.  I use the word “realism” sparingly because I know there’s plenty of those who have been involved in the military who will dispute facts or ways things are done in the movie.  I don’t believe The Hurt Locker is based on a true story, so personally to me it’s just good entertainment.  It had the action, acting and suspense I like in movies, yet still provided a good story and message overall.  The fact it deals with a subject so close to home these days with the ongoing war efforts in Iraq, makes it worthy of the Best Picture award.

I recommend this film to anyone thinking about seeing it.  If you’ve got a Blu-ray player, try to see it on that technology because it’s got some incredible visuals and sounds with the special effects they used.    The Hurt Locker is nominated for a variety of Oscar awards this year and could win the Best Picture in several weeks.   You can view the YouTube trailer of the movie below and see more of The Hurt Locker reviews here at!

Anyone else seen this movie yet, or any of the other Best Picture nominees?  What is your opinion or pick for best picture at the Oscars this year?

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