The Japanese People Are Turning in Found Money

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The Japanese people are honest, and if they find money they turn it in.  Not only money but other items as well. But the spotlight is on cash, cash lost by someone after the earthquake and the tsunami.  Some of the cash is now being found by others, not the rightful owners.  But it’s not finders keepers, its finders be honest.

The police department can only say that the people of Japan are turning in money at a very high rate.  What would you do if you found a bag, purse or a wallet with money it in?  Would you keep it or turn it in?  Think about it, because what you say you would do may not actually occur should the temptation be there.

This is the Japanese culture and children are taught at a young age that if they find something like money or any lost items, they are to turn it in, giving it to the police.  This also leads to a problem for the police.  If there is some type of identification found with the money, then they know who to return it to.  So far only 10% of what has been turned in has been returned to the rightful owners, according to CNN.

After three months if the money is not claimed, then the finder may claim it.  But the Japanese people have been signing waivers; they are giving up that right to claim the money.  That’s pretty amazing.  But it leads to another problem, what will the government do with the money?

Did you even think that finding money could possibly cause such problems?  Perhaps the unclaimed money could go to help the orphans so that their futures may be a little brighter.  Hopefully the Japanese people will be rewarded for their actions and their unselfish nature.  They are to be commended.

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