The ‘Jersey Shore’ House Has Been Vandalized

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The Jersey Shore house has fallen victim to vandals!

Poor Danny.. ever since he signed up to have his home filmed on a reality show, he’s been dealing with drunks coming off the boardwalk to get a piece of history — literally!

The realtor of the home told TMZ, that groups of people have been writing the outdoor walls of the house with their names and other comments such as, “We love you Snooki.” Also, many have even stolen roof shingles! As if having eight drunks live in your home regularly wasn’t enough, the problem seems to be more with drunks outside of the home!

The problem has gotten so out of control that the realtors of the home have to paint the Jersey Shore house on a weekly basis! Now that is a problem. According to TMZ, when Jersey Shore is in production, it is the producer’s problem, but since it is not currently filming, the realtor is forced to deal with it.

The gang is due to arrive back in Seaside this June to begin production on Jersey Shore season 6. Until then, perhaps that should hire a full-time painter!

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