The ‘Justice League’ Could Be Directed by ‘Daredevil’ Ben Affleck

Ever since Batman’s Christopher Nolan said no to directing the upcoming Justice League movie, fans began wondering which director the studio would tap to take his place. It seems they do have someone in mind, although it might come as a surprise. The studio is seriously considering a former superhero. That would be none other than Daredevil Ben Affleck.

While Ben didn’t play well as that comic hero, that doesn’t mean he can’t direct a whole slew of his supposed colleagues. That would include the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash.

According to Variety, Affleck is the front-runner to fill the shoes seemingly left empty by Nolan, rumored as the studio’s first choice. They say the powers-that-be have complete confidence in Ben’s directing abilities. More than that, they consider him trustworthy to handle “prime properties”.

Rumor has it that Ben will begin talks with studio execs very quickly. Given that he’s the only potential director to have previewed the film’s script, it seems like the studio wants him badly. But why?

Affleck has proven himself a good director with gritty films like Gone Baby Gone and The Town. His newest movie, the politically charged Argo should further seal the actor’s directorial fame. Since the Justice League will be much like The Dark Knight, brutally honest and hard, the film seems suited to Ben’s unique set of talents. But the real question is: Will he suit up for the movie himself?

That seems entirely possible given that the actor has appeared in his directorial films of late. Maybe he can play the Flash. After all, he does look good in red. Wife Jennifer Garner might also make a great Wonder Woman. She’s already proven she can kick butt as good, if not better, than any man.

What do you think? Is Ben Affleck a good choice to direct the new film? Also, if he suits up, which superhero should he play?

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