The Karate Kid Starts Tomorrow! Also See the latest Trailer Here!

This is one of the summer movies I am dying to see! The Karate Kid opens tomorrow (June 11, 2010) and stars Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith in a story much like the original movie. Dre Parker and his mom have moved to China for his mother’s work. A stranger in a strange land, Dre falls for a lovely young lady named Meiying played by Wenwen Han. When this is not accepted by Dre other schoolmates, he falls prey to the bullies and is forced to seek training from a maintenance man (Jackie Chan) who knows a lot more than he lets on he knows.

As I said above, this one I have wanted to see since I saw the first trailer months ago! Jackie Chan has never let me down in any of the films I have watched of his and Jaden Smith is really coming into his own. Of course coming from the family of Will Smith, this young man seems to be on a path to equal his fathers and maybe even surpass it! Even my wife who doesn’t like dealing with theater crowds unless its for a Harry Potter Movie wants to go see this one. Of course being an 80’s kid she was also a big fan of the original series too. Yep… as soon as possible I am sooooo there!

Here’s the Latest movie trailer from the official Website!

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