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Martial artist and actor, Jackie Chan and little Jaden Smith are the main stars in the much anticipated remake of The Karate Kid which premiered yesterday, June 11th. The Karate Kid 2010 is getting mixed reviews though… unfortunately it’s not a 5 stars kinda movie.

Currently is giving it a rating of 68 which is OK, I guess. That’s 77 out of 114 people who like it, compare that rating with the original The Karate Kid 1984 movie which is giving 90% or 35 out of 39 reviews like it. has The Karate Kid 2010 scoring 60% out of 100%. is giving The Karate Kid 2010 3 out of 5 stars and basing it as being appropriate for 9 year olds. =o/

So, over it looks like this remake is more good than bad but is it worth it for you to spend $20 or more at the movie theater with the 40% chance you may dislike it? Seems like a good idea if you’ve got 9 year olds which I don’t so I am going to pass or at least wait for the dvd but that’s just my take. I hope the above critic reviews have been helpful to you in your quest to figure out if you want to see The Karate Kid 2010.




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