‘The Killing’ ’72 Hours’ Recap: Revealing Sarah’s Past and Putting the Pieces Together

The Killing season 2 continues with episode 10, “72 Hours.” Sarah comes to wearing a hospital bracelet and in a room with bars on the window. She’s in the psych ward.

Holder tries to get Sarah out but when Carlson shows up, he says that Nicole claims she attacked a casino worker because she was trying to kill herself. Only a psychiatrist can get her out. Holder suggests he call County since Rosie’s files have disappeared. Sarah tries to call Holder, but she’s told she’s on suicide watch for 72 hours. The nurse suggests she get some rest.

Stan apologizes to Terry for yelling at her and tells her what happened with Tommy. She wonders what will happen if the police never found the guy. He’s angry because he can’t let go. All he can do is fix what he can, and then forgive himself.

Day Twenty Three

Photo Credit: Carole Segal/AMCHolder goes to see Regi to see if she can pull some strings, but she says only her psychiatrist can have her released. She knows what Sarah does to herself and says that the last thing she needs is work right now, especially when she finds out Jack’s in Chicago. Holder insists it’s not like last time. He goes down to the waterfront project and call Ray to look into Adams and Ames. Someone broke in the night Rosie was killed.

Stan, after spying on the Ahmeds, tells Bennet he was wrong and knows Rosie came to say goodbye. Bennet tells him to stay away from his family. Sarah has to talk to Dr. Carrie if she wants out of the psychiatric ward. The casino is claiming she was about to jump. She asks about the photo she had the last time she was there. That’s where they’re going to start.

Richmond is down at the All Stars Program, and Jamie’s focused on the fact that they’re still behind. Gwen thinks he should finish the way he started: by being himself—genuine. Richmond ends up shooting some baskets from his wheelchair. Dr. Carrie makes Sarah talk about the previous case. She says she should’ve taken better care of herself, but Regi brought her in after Jack called her, scared because she hadn’t left her bed for days. (Dr. Felder was her psychiatrist.) A hooker was killed, and Sarah found her son in a closet. He drew that photo over and over.

Jamie finds a City of Seattle cufflink on the floor and asks who closed the office. Holder finds out that the man who broke into the construction site, Joseph, works for Kovarsky. Dr. Carrie then asks about Rosie’s case and points out she drowned in a car and she found the boy in a dark closet. She asks why these cases mean so much to her. Sarah wants to know when she’s getting out. Dr. Carrie says she needs to stay there and rest. Sarah argues that she did what she asked and protests she needs to get out of there. Two orderlies end up carrying her out.

Jamie brings the cufflink to Richmond and asks why Gwen would be meeting with the Mayor. Stan calls Rosie’s phone and leaves a heartbreaking message, saying being her father was the best decision he ever made. Holder visits Sarah in the psych ward and tells her about the break-in. Ames and Nicole had been planning something at the waterfront, and it went wrong when Joseph showed up. Sarah brings up the keycard from City Hall and asks him not to leave her. He says he’ll get her out of there.

Holder goes after Joseph, who runs. He catches up to him and holds his gun to his face as he asks about that night. Carlson gets in his car, and Holder gets in the backseat. He tells him about the break-in and what he found out: Joseph was told to break in and bury Indian bones. The main players were scared he would talk and met, but Rosie overheard and that got her killed. It goes all the way to City Hall. Ames and Adams both knew a bigger payday was coming. Holder needs Sarah’s psychiatrist name and number.

Gwen shows Darren that a video of him playing basketball has gone viral. He asks about the cufflink, and she explains she hoped Adams would back off because of what she had on him. Stan comes home with a surprise for the family: a dog.

Dr. Carrie watches as Sarah eats. She obviously needed that food. Sarah says that it didn’t make sense how Rosie was found. Though he beat her, he didn’t want to see her eyes when she died. That’s why she was alive going into the water. Dr. Carrie tries to find the connection between the cases. In the hooker case, her partner was convinced it was the boy’s father. She didn’t agree, but since he was the primary, she just gave up. She says she should’ve listened to the boy. Sarah knows they’ll bury Rosie’s case, and Dr. Carrie wonders if she relates to the cases because of something she went through. She wants to talk about Sarah’s mother abandoning her. Sarah says she’ll say whatever she wants her to if she lets her go. She spent a night alone in the dark when her mother left. A nurse interrupts to say Sarah’s being released. She walks out.

Rick joins Holder in the waiting room and says that he’ll help get her out, but he can’t be involved anymore. She sees him signing her release forms as she signs out, but he’s gone when she gets to the waiting room. She walks out with Holder.

Gwen pays the guy who filmed Richmond. Sarah sleeps while Holder drives. Nicole says they won’t find anything as she enters the construction site. That keycard is still in the floor.

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