‘The Killing’ ‘Bulldog’ Recap: A Twist Brings Them Closer to Rosie’s Killer

The Killing season 2 continues with episode 11, “Bulldog,” which has to be among the best of the series. Holder finds Sarah smoking when he brings her food. She immediately begins talking about the case and wonders how Adams is involved. She wants the keycard, but he reminds her what happened last time they went to the casino. They need a warrant.

Day Twenty Four

The Killing Season 2 Episode PhotosRichmond’s creeping up in the campaign, though Adams is still leading. Things are looking better for them after that video. Adams, however, isn’t happy. Sarah and Holder go to Jamie and Gwen about the warrant, looking specifically for pull from Gwen’s father. This is their chance to change how the city is run. While the kids are getting ready for school, someone calls Stan with an offer on the house. Terry stumbles upon photos of Rosie’s body in a desk drawer and her reaction is very noticeable.

Gwen does go to her father for the warrant, but he’s not exactly ready to be so helpful. Nicole has supported him, and he’s not happy with Gwen’s behavior. However, she’s not going to let him walk away and brings up what Adams did to her. Armed with the warrant and the FBI, Sarah and Holder enter the casino.

Adams pays Richmond a visit in his office and tells him he knows where he was the night Rosie died. Richmond tells him it’s only a matter of time before the police come for him, but Adams gives him an ultimatum: resign from the race or he’ll tell everyone what he knows. Janek visits Stan and tells him to put someone who talked to the police down. Stan refuses, and Janek threatens his dog and family.

Nicole says Roberta will give them all the information they need, but some cameras are down due to the renovation. They begin to tear up the floor. Meanwhile, Richmond tells Gwen and Jamie he has an important announcement to make: he’s withdrawing. He explains he tried to kill himself, and Jamie wants to spin that. He doesn’t want to walk away, but it’s done. After Jamie walks out, Gwen says they’ve all been there.

While watching the boys play with their dog, Stan explains about the house to Terry, who says she and Michael were looking at houses to start a family together. He tells her he wants her to take care of the boys if anything happens to him before walking off.

Sarah looks in the floor, and Nicole reminds her the warrant’s running out. Sarah shakes her head Holder’s way, but in the car, she reveals she found the keycard. Holder wants to get it tested, but she’s not risking it since she knows what they’ll find. Back in the casino, Roberta shows Nicole footage of Sarah showing the card to the cameras and looking very smug. Nicole turns on her as Roberta protests she went over the room before calling someone to tell them about the keycard.

Adams thought his hands were clean and tells Carlson he wants Sarah off the street. Benjamin suggests having her arrested, and Adams offers him a promotion. Sarah notices that they’re being followed, and Holder promptly loses them. An officer tells Carlson they lost them but they’ve traced Sarah’s phone. Stan’s approaching Janek’s guy, but he notices the baby in the backseat. He warns him (with some physical force) that Janek knows and tells him to run. Janek gets in his car, and when a gun is pressed to the back of his head, he thinks it’s Stan. It’s not. It’s Alexi, and he kills Janek for his father.

At Richmond’s rally, he quiets the crowd and tells them that they’ve exposed Adams’ weaknesses and his time is up. Carlson finds Sarah and Holder, and she shows him the keycard. It’s time for Carlson to make a decision about the future, but he can’t call it off. Richmond tells the crowd that it may not be their time, but instead of resigning, he reveals he tried to kill himself, but has found the will to live and fight. He tells them he’ll keep showing up for them and will never stop fighting. It’s a speech that could very well win him the election, despite the stunned response.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Holder continue with their plan. They sneak past security. Carlson notes a police officer calling in their car. Sarah and Holder get to Adams’ office, but the keycard doesn’t work. It does work at another door. Mitch is waiting when Stan gets home. Sarah and Holder walk into Richmond’s office. Gwen and Jamie watch as Richmond wheels through the crowd.

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